Previous studies in heritage

We offer a wide range of services ranging from the characterisation, study and development of all types of materials used in construction and heritage conservation/restoration to consultancy and research services aimed at material manufacturing companies in the construction and restoration sector.

Integral Management of Cultural Heritage

What is a heritage pre-study?

A heritage pre-study is a detailed analysis carried out prior to any intervention on historic buildings or structures. This process involves assessing the current condition, history and cultural significance of the site. For architects, restorers and site management teams, it is an essential step to ensure that any restoration or maintenance is carried out in a way that respects the historic essence of the site.

Why is a prior study essential?

These studies are crucial for understanding the importance of a site and determining best practices for its conservation. Without proper prior study, interventions can irreversibly damage the historical integrity of a heritage site.

TESELA’s role in cultural heritage management

At TESELA, we address the complete cycle of cultural heritage, paying similar attention to both historical research and the graphic documentation and dissemination of cultural assets. Our work in cultural heritage management includes a holistic approach, ranging from in-depth knowledge of heritage to its promotion and conservation for future generations.

Knowing and planning heritage

The management of cultural heritage begins with a detailed knowledge of it. This process includes activities such as heritage research and analysis, which allows us to identify and understand the relevance and value of cultural elements in a given area. In addition, planning is a crucial aspect, where we collaborate with local and regional authorities to properly integrate heritage into urban and territorial planning, ensuring that its conservation is compatible with development.

Heritage monitoring and conservation

At TESELA, we constantly monitor and supervise the condition and maintenance of heritage assets. Our multidisciplinary team, made up of specialists in different areas, is in charge of conservation and restoration, developing specific plans and techniques to protect and maintain cultural assets, preserving their originality and preventing their deterioration.

Dissemination and promotion of heritage

Dissemination is an essential part of our work at TESELA. We focus on promoting cultural identity and the importance of heritage through different channels and activities. This includes cultural events, exhibitions and education and awareness campaigns, with the aim of promoting knowledge and appreciation of heritage.

Techniques in carrying out a preliminary study of the cultural heritage

When it comes to preserving and understanding our historical legacy, prior heritage studies are essential. These studies use a variety of techniques and tools to analyse and document historic structures or sites of cultural significance. We will explore what techniques are used, what these reports include, their purpose and who requires them.

Techniques used

Techniques in a cultural heritage pre-study are diverse and depend on the type of site or structure under analysis. Some of the most common include:

  1. Visual and Photographic Inspection: A detailed examination of the site is carried out to identify visible problems such as deterioration or structural damage.
  2. Materials Analysis: Using techniques such as spectroscopy or chromatography, materials are analysed to understand their composition and state of conservation.
  3. Topographical and Architectural Surveys: These are used to determine the physical characteristics of the site, using technologies such as 3D laser scanning.
  4. Historical and Documentary Studies: The history of the site is investigated, including its use, cultural significance and changes over time.

Content of the report

A cultural heritage pre-study report typically includes:

  • Detailed description of the site: location, dimensions, architectural features.
  • Condition analysis: Current condition of the structure or site, including potential problems and hazards.
  • Historical and cultural value: Importance of the site in historical, cultural and social terms.
  • Recommendations: Conservation and restoration strategies based on the findings of the study.

Purpose of the pre-study

The main purpose of these studies is to provide a solid basis for any intervention on cultural heritage. They help to:

  • Preserving historic integrity: Ensuring that restorations and renovations respect the original value of the site.
  • Guiding future interventions: Providing a framework for restoration or maintenance work.
  • Facilitating decision making: Providing essential information to those responsible for project planning and implementation.

Who needs these studies

Preliminary equity studies are required for a wide range of entities, including:

  • Local and national governments: For the management and preservation of historic sites.
  • Conservation organizations: As groups dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Architects and Restorers: Professionals in charge of the renovation or restoration of historic structures.
  • Educational and research institutions: studying and documenting cultural heritage.

With the proper use of these techniques, previous studies in cultural heritage become an indispensable tool for understanding, preserving and respecting our historical and cultural heritage.

Starting your project with TESELA

Personalised advice

At TESELA, each project is unique. We offer personalised advice to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that each heritage intervention is appropriate and respectful.

Innovation and sustainability

Committed to sustainability, we use materials and methods that minimise environmental impact, while guaranteeing the protection and conservation of our heritage.

Now that you have discovered the importance and process of pre-studies in heritage and heritage management, are you ready to take the next step in your project? TESELA is here to help you turn that vision into reality.