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About us

An innovative science and technology-based company

TESELA is a centre for applied research and technological development in Spain, whose field of activity is related to raw materials, construction materials and cultural heritage. We work with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness, people’s quality of life and achieve sustainable growth. We do this thanks to people who are passionate about technology and committed to building a better society.

  • Our Mission: To transform technological research into prosperity.
  • Our Vision: To be agents of transformation for companies and society in order to adapt to the challenges of a continuously evolving future.

We collaborate with an increasingly strategic relationship model with companies, based on trust, collaboration and a shared technological strategy, with our main areas of action being: historical materials, architectural heritage, additive manufacturing, energy efficiency, circular economy, hydraulic binders, polymers.

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Among its founding members, TESELA counts with Professor Eduardo Sebastián Pardo, principal investigator of the research group “Study and conservation of construction materials in the Architectural Heritage” of Departamento de Mineralogía y Petrología of the University of Granada. This made it possible for TESELA to be born with the UGR spin-off seal, awarded by the University of Granada itself to those business initiatives arising from within the University that accredit excellent knowledge in a specific area: in our case, materials in general, and those related to historical heritage in particular.

A team at the forefront

This experience, together with the most avant-garde instrumental techniques, has enabled the group to successfully carry out numerous conservation and architectural restoration projects of various historical and monumental buildings, as well as diagnostic studies prior to the intervention project and consultancy work during the execution of the work and the behaviour and technical quality of the different materials.

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The company is made up of technical staff with the highest academic qualifications and proven experience in the field of construction materials and intervention in historical heritage for its conservation and protection. It also has the best technology for carrying out studies and research, taking advantage of all the instruments available both at the University of Granada and in associated technology centres.

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