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Sustainability assessment of materials

The environmental, social and economic impacts generated by the manufacture of any product must be assessed by considering the entire life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, through its manufacturing process, period of use and end of life. It also includes operations relating to transport and distribution of material. The calculations are carried out following the Life Cycle Analysis methodology, which compiles and evaluates the impacts produced in all these stages.

Based on this analysis, we offer the following services for measuring and communicating the environmental profile of the product:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies: Analysis of the environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of building materials.
  • Calculation of product environmental footprints:
  • Carbon footprint. Quantification of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted or absorbed and their contribution to global warming. We can provide support in achieving verification of the calculated footprint and in the design of footprint reduction strategies. We also offer advice on how to find offset projects in order to offer carbon neutral products.
  • Water footprint / water footprint.
  • Environmental footprint of the European Union.
  • Managing and obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). We help you to improve the positioning of your product in the market with the development of the WTP. We take care of the whole process: impact assessment, preparation of communication reports, search for accredited verifiers and registration of the EPD in the chosen certification scheme.
  • Simulation and modelling of LCA of materials or building systems with SimaPro software.
Feasibility studies for innovative or improved materials

In the process of creating and designing new construction products, it is important to have accurate and reliable information on the characteristics, properties, application possibilities or developments made by other companies or researchers.

This service is ideal if you want to make a preliminary assessment of the incorporation of recycled material, waste or new raw materials in the manufacture of your product.

With the aim of promoting the creation of new materials and reducing the uncertainty inherent in this type of project, we offer the following services based on scientific knowledge:

– General analysis of R&D opportunities or trends in a given type of material. A broad overview of the latest scientific developments in the sector is given. It allows you to learn about various possibilities and to focus on a specific innovation solution.

– Literature review and state of the art focused on concrete applications of the new material. The scientific literature is thoroughly analysed, identifying areas for improvement and technical challenges to be addressed in the development of the project.

– Preliminary characterisation of new raw materials or wastes or initial dosage study. The mechanical, physical or chemical properties shall be determined according to the final application.

– Technical feasibility study and proposal for action. This report is based on the results of the previous stages.