We visited the works of repair and restoration of the Maritime Walls of the City of Cadiz.

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Recently, the TESELA team travelled to the city of Cádiz to visit the repair and restoration works of the Maritime Walls and the Castle of Santa Catalina, located on the beach of “La Caleta”, whose works began in February 2023 and will last 8 months.

The fortress, steeped in history, holds within its stones centuries of maritime and cultural heritage. They have endured the ravages of time and natural elements such as tides and storms, and have therefore been subject to continuous wear and tear and deterioration.

However, thanks to the dedication and meticulous work of a multidisciplinary team of heritage-oriented architects and engineers, significant progress has been made in the recovery of this historic enclave. In this way, the deterioration is halted and the integrity of the materials is restored.