Bringing together Intelligence and Sustainability at the Greencities Forum: TESELA and its GPTT Tool for Historical Heritage

GC MalagaGC Malaga

At TESELA, we are committed to the development of digital solutions that promote the integration, protection and enhancement of the historical heritage of our territories. That is why we have been able to attend the Greencities Forum on Urban Intelligence and Sustainability in Malaga. An event that has become a benchmark for the actors involved in the construction of smart and sustainable cities in Spain.

During the event we have been able to contact different companies to improve our tool GPTT (Gestor Patrimonial de Territorios Turísticos). Historical heritage is a fundamental part of a city’s identity and culture and is generally at the heart of the city and is often forgotten or underused due to its poor adaptation to cities.

Our GPTT tool uses digital technologies to facilitate the management and promotion of historical heritage in tourist territories by integrating geographic information, historical data, images and other resources. Enabling local authorities, tourism managers and citizens to easily and efficiently access relevant information on the historical heritage of their territory. This not only helps to protect and conserve the heritage, but also contributes to the sustainable tourism development of the region.

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