TESELA is qualified as first finalist of the award ‘TRAYECTORIAS E INICIATIVAS DE ÉXITO’ (AJE GRANADA)

aje premioaje premio

Recently, TESELA, Materiales Innovación y Patrimonio was named as the first finalist of the ‘TRAYECTORIAS E INICIATIVAS DE ÉXITO’ award at the Gala of the 24th edition of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Granada (AJE Granada).

For TESELA Materiales Innovación y Patrimonio, it is a real recognition that helps us to continue improving our activity, and we cannot fail to thank all the members of the jury, the staff of AJE and, above all, each and every one of the companies that participated.

Because as the president of AJE Granada, Carlos Álvarez Navas-Parejo, said yesterday at the Gala:

‘Being young and entrepreneurial is a real challenge in these times, but a path full of opportunities for growth, success and personal fulfilment’.


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