Specialisation course: Geomaterials and their conservation in cultural heritage

Event 06 Nov 2023 - 08 Nov 2023
Curso especializacion IAPH 2023Curso especializacion IAPH 2023

TESELA collaborates with the IAPH and other teachers from the University of Granada in the delivery of a course on the use of geomaterials, their application and diagnosis through previous studies in historical and cultural heritage.

In an ever-changing world, it is essential to keep up to date with the techniques and methodologies that protect our priceless cultural heritage. This course is designed for professionals with responsibilities in areas of knowledge and intervention on geomaterials used in cultural heritage.

We will be presenting the most recent advances in the characterisation, study methodologies and techniques applied in the knowledge, analysis and diagnosis of the state of conservation of cultural heritage. We will address the scientific procedures of previous studies and the review of materials and treatments currently in use.