✨ Exploring the past to build the future: Launching the HERIT4AGES project

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⏳ Last week, we immersed ourselves in the rich history of the Romanesque architecture of Aguilar de Campoo and the Fundación Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico, marking the beginning of our work for the HERIT4AGES project.

🌄 We delve into the study of the stones of the impressive monastery of Sta. María la Real (century XII), its Posada (XVII century), and the hermitage of Canduela (XIII century). This study will serve to bring to life the solutions that we will develop in later phases of the project.

At all times, the staff of the Fundación Sta. Maria la Real gave us exceptional treatment and detailed attention. 🙏 We deeply appreciate your hospitality!

🌟🏰 We continue to build history and future with HERIT4AGES!

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