European C-SHIELD project: cementitious materials as neutron shielding for radioactive facilities. 🛡️

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At TESELA, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the growing demands of structural safety. Our latest venture, the EU-funded C-SHIELD project, which will start soon, focuses on the development of high-performance cementitious materials with recycled aggregates to serve as neutron shielding for radioactive facilities. 🔬

For the ReMade project we will use 24 neutron beam hours at the ILL – Institut Laue Langevin which will be distributed among the instruments:

  • 𝙽𝚎𝚇𝚃, an instrument hosting two complementary (and possibly simultaneously operated) imaging arrays, the first using neutrons and the second using X-rays as probes.
  • 𝚍𝟷𝟽, a neutron reflectometer with horizontal scattering geometry (for vertical surfaces).
  • 𝚍𝟹𝟹, a small-angle neutron scattering instrument for the characterisation of samples with typical sizes ranging from the nanometre scale down to a few tenths of a micrometre.

We would like to thank all ReMade@ARI partners for selecting our initiative as a new ReMade SME project and IFMIF DONES for giving the input and signing us up to start a neutron-related project. 💡

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