TExBINDERS Project: Bringing the textile and construction industries together to improve patrimonio­čĆŤ´ŞĆ


­čÜÇPast weeks we have ended the TExBINDERS project.

This European initiative, undertaken in response to the challenge presented by the 1st Call Innovate Grant from xbuild-eu, was aimed at identifying and introducing novel products and services to enhance the resilience of SMEs against disruptions in the value chain.

­čî┐In this context, the TexBINDERS project has covered the development of a new kind of cementitious mortar product doped with waste fibres from the textile industry.

ÔťĘThe project has served as a starting point for TESELA to develop a technology highly demanded in the market in which the SME operates: the generation of sustainable products that integrate byproducts from other industries.

Thanks to all the partners involved and to the collaborators of this project