Conference on Lime Mortars in Historical Heritage (Córdoba, 2022)

cartel morteros cordobacartel morteros cordoba

Today we would like to talk about our participation in the conference “Lime mortars in interventions in Historical Heritage” in Cordoba. This event has been a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge and importance of lime mortars in the conservation of historical heritage.

At TESELA, we recognise the importance of lime mortars in the intervention and conservation of historic buildings. These mortars, based on lime and other natural materials, offer a number of advantages in terms of compatibility, flexibility and breathability, allowing for proper restoration and conservation of historic architecture.

During the day, we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in the use of lime mortars in historical heritage interventions. We explore the properties and applications of these mortars, as well as techniques and best practices for their correct application. It was also an enriching space for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of contacts with professionals in the sector. Collaboration and dialogue are essential to further progress in the conservation of historical heritage and to promote the proper use of lime mortars.

We thank all attendees for their participation and interest in this relevant topic. We will continue to work on research and development of sustainable solutions for the conservation of historical heritage.

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