Virtual classroom

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For the rehabilitation and intervention of modern and traditional building materials, constantly updated know-how is required.

The Virtual TESSELA Classroom is a platform for professional training in different disciplines in the field of professional interventions in the conservation and restoration of conventional materials and cultural property, a field in which the development of specific techniques of characterization, documentation, interpretation and intervention require a great specialization.

The most frequent doubts

Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that are not solved here, you can contact us.

Are previous knowledge required to take a course?

Although our courses are usually oriented to specific professional profiles, in principle for most of the courses no previous knowledge is necessary.

Can I take a course if I am working?

Of course, thanks to our online training system you can organize yourself as you see fit. In most of the courses there will also be live classes that you can watch recorded later.

Will I receive a certificate for the course?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation in digital format issued by the TESSELA team.

How do I register for a course?

To register for a course you just have to follow the steps from our course catalog. If you do not have an account in the virtual Classroom you will be able to create it when registering. At the moment you can pay for the course by bank transfer and in the near future also by card and PayPal.