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TESELA is an innovative technology-based company whose mission is to transform technology into wealth to improve people’s quality of life by creating business opportunities for companies.

We collaborate with companies in multiple ways, always through a shared technological strategy, with our most general field of action being construction, materials, raw materials, sustainability and energy efficiency.




We collaborate/work with companies to make them more competitive and generate wealth.

As strategic partners of companies, we develop customised R&D&I projects with the sole objective of generating business impact through knowledge, following a natural relationship model based on trust, collaboration and technological symbiosis to achieve the maximum possible value for companies.

Forms of collaboration

At TESELA, we offer different forms of collaboration to companies in order to adapt to the relationship model that best suits their objectives:

Specific project:

Contractual relationship defined over time with development objectives set at the beginning of the project. This type of collaboration can be developed ASAP (by stages or milestones) or as a periodic collaboration in the estimated time for the project.

Risk-sharing investment:

We are committed to our clients’ business, which is why we incorporate our own resources into high-risk development investments that are aligned with our clients’ medium-term strategy.

Framework Partnership Agreements:

We are committed to structural relationships with strategic clients, which represents an opportunity for companies where there is an extreme adaptation to our client’s challenges, allowing an increase in efficiency. This model allows us to establish joint collaboration plans that are developed over several years and that allow us to work with a more ambitious horizon in terms of business development.

Offer of cooperation

Our offer of collaboration with companies is broken down as follows:

R+D+i projects:

As strategic partners of companies, we develop customised R+D+i projects with the sole objective of making your business more competitive through technology.

Laboratory Services:

With more than 30 years of experience, we offer you a team of experts of the highest level and all the instrumental means available at the University of Granada, where we are also teachers and researchers. We develop and test systems and products for the market.

Technology transfer:

We help you to enhance your R+D and grow your business with ideas aimed at improving your company’s profit and loss account. We have a professional team with proven experience and a high degree of knowledge of the sector to guide your company’s technological strategy efficiently.




  • Raw material producers:
    • Mining companies (aggregates, clays, etc.).
  • Services:
    – Physico-chemical and petrographic characterisation – Mineralogical characterisation
    – Study of market possibilities on the basis of their performances
    – Product development
  • Manufacturers of construction products

– Concretes
– Mortars
– Paints
– Plasters
– Composites
– etc.

  • Services:

    – Characterisation using instrumental techniques
    – Product development (tailoring made)

  • Chemical additives trading/distribution companies
  • Services:

    – Physico-chemical and petrographic characterisation
    – Mineralogical characterisation
    – Relative positioning with the competition
    – Study of market possibilities based on their performances
    – Preparation of a technical report
    – Elaboration of technical-commercial dossier adapted to the type of client


Sustainability assessment of building materials

Although sustainability is often referred to in a very generic way, it is an indicator that can be precisely calculated. The environmental, social and economic impacts generated by the manufacture of any product must be assessed by considering the entire life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, through its manufacturing process, period of use and end of life. Operations concerning transport and distribution of the material are also included. The calculations are carried out following the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, which compiles and evaluates the impacts produced at all these stages.

Based on this analysis, we offer the following services for measuring and communicating the environmental profile of the product:

– Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies: Analysis of the environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of construction materials.

– Calculation of product environmental footprints:

      • Carbon footprint. Quantification of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted or absorbed and their contribution to global warming. We can provide support in obtaining verification of the calculated footprint and in the design of footprint reduction strategies. We also offer advice on how to find offset projects to offer carbon neutral products.
      • Water footprint / water footprint.
      • European Union environmental footprint.

– Managing and obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). We help you to improve the positioning of your product in the market with the development of the EPD. We take care of the whole process: impact assessment, preparation of communication reports, search for accredited verifiers and registration of the EPD in the chosen certification system.

Simulation and modelling of LCA of materials or construction systems with SimaPro software. Aimed at theoretically assessing the environmental impact of products that are in the research or design phase.

Feasibility studies for innovative or improved materials

In the process of creating and designing new construction products, it is important to have accurate and reliable information about the characteristics, properties, application possibilities or developments made by other companies or researchers.

This service is ideal if you want to carry out a preliminary evaluation of the incorporation of recycled material, waste or new raw materials for the manufacture of your product.

With the aim of promoting the creation of new materials and reducing the uncertainty inherent in this type of project, we offer the following services based on scientific knowledge:

General analysis of R&D opportunities or trends in a specific type of material. A broad overview of the most recent scientific developments in the sector is carried out. It allows to know several possibilities and to focus on a specific innovation solution.

Bibliographic study and state of the art focused on specific applications of the new material. The scientific literature is thoroughly analysed, detecting points of improvement and technical challenges to be addressed in the development of the project.

Preliminary characterisation of new raw materials or waste or initial study of dosages. The mechanical, physical or chemical properties will be determined according to the final application.

Technical feasibility study and action proposal. This report is carried out according to the results of the previous stages.


These are Legal Architecture services in which we have judicial experts and forensic architects with a lot of experience in evaluation, valuation and issuing expert reports on real estate.

What is a forensic architect and what work can we offer?

A senior technician, with full competence in building and town planning, able to issue an expert report to be provided in legal proceedings, either at the request of the parties or the court itself.

They can intervene in proceedings that have already begun, or as mediators or documentation and study agents before the start of the proceedings.

The forensic architect and legal expert provides coverage for both individuals and the courts themselves, offering his or her knowledge and understanding, based on training and experience, in the form of an expert opinion or valued and justified report that sheds light on a technical subject that is difficult to understand for laymen in the field. In this way, it provides evidence in line with objective reality, which helps to settle civil, contentious, commercial and criminal proceedings.

The forensic architect forensic expert has full competence, according to the Law on building regulations, for questions about building, town planning, construction, construction pathologies, building structures and any other questions in reference to these fields, in addition to real estate.


  • Expert opinions
  • Valuations
  • Inspections
  • Evaluation of underwater sites
  • Valuations of real estate with particular expertise in heritage or historical properties
  • Damage reports
  • Arbitration mediation
  • Real estate feasibility
  • ITE Technical inspections
  • IEE Building Evaluation Reports
  • Energy certificate


  • Thermography
    1. Thermographic reports of dampness in buildings
    2. Localisation of hidden structures and installations with thermography
  • Reports on the qualitative state of insulation in buildings. Including reports for BREEAM.
  • Blower door tests for quantification and detection of air infiltration, including for passivhaus certification.
  • Door Fan Test to calculate the dwell time of extinguishing gases in rooms with gas flooding extinguishing.

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