TESELA at the International Seminar UNISCAPE EN-ROUTE

Last November TESELA participated in the International Seminar UNISCAPE EN-ROUTE, prior to the IV World Congress ITLA “Re-encantar Bancales” to be held in the Canary Islands in 2019.

Juan Diego López-Arquillo, Director of TESELA’s Heritage Management area, gave the presentation: “Consolidation of bank walls in albarrada by mortars of natural hydraulic lime (NHL) of high penetration by using positive pressure”.

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Consolidación de muros de bancales en albarrada mediante morteros de cal hidráulica natural (NHL) de alta penetración mediante presión positiva 873 KB

Comunicación para el Seminario Internacional UNISCAPE EN-ROUTE. (IV Congreso Mundial ITLA “Re-encantar Bancales” 2019) ...

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